What's In This Workshop?

Gain skills and insights to create incredible book covers to successfully sell your children's books to prospective publishers and book buyers. A great cover is the most critical piece of artwork you'll create for your book, and the most scrutinized part of any book project. In this workshop, you'll learn the process, nuts and bolts, pitfalls to avoid, and how to stand out, and enjoy the process, all from award-winning illustrators Jessica Lanan and Kaz Windness!

Whether you're a published or pre-published illustrator, and interested in picture books, early readers, or even middle grade covers, this class is for you. Gain skills and tips you'll be using for many successful publishing years to come.

In this 1-hour BIG BITE course, Jessica Lanan and Kaz Windness will teach you everything you need to know to successfully illustrate a book cover, dust jacket, or case cover. Wow publishers and readers!


ILLUSTRATING COVERS was designed with your busy lifestyle in mind. This course can be taken in as little as an hour but provides tools you'll be digesting and utilizing for many successful years to come. That's why ILLUSTRATING COVERS is called a BIG BITE workshop!

Students are raving about our classes!

"This course is amazing! I love the worksheets, the samples, and the way you explain things. I could have listened to it for hours!"

-Orsolya, Children’s Book Illustrator

Know It!

Learn everything you'll need to know about how covers are used to get published and sell books and the elements of a great cover.

Craft It!

Jessica and Kaz will share behind-the-scenes case studies from their published book projects, comparing and contrasting process with different book formats and publishers.

Publish it!

Kaz and Jessica will share their unique art process tips and how to work successfully with your art director and publishing team. Get advice on what to prepare for, watch for, and fight.

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Meet Your Instructors

Jessica Lanan is the Sibert honor winning author and illustrator of Jumper: A Day in the Life of a Backyard Jumping Spider and The Fisherman and the Whale. She has illustrated over a dozen books and brings 20 years of experience with traditional watercolor technique and on-location travel and nature sketching.  Visit Jess at jessicalanan.com

Kaz Windness is an award-winning author and illustrator of over a dozen books including "Bitsy Bat, School Star," "Cat vs. Vac," "Swim, Jim!," "Worm and Caterpillar are Friends," and "Go! Go! Dino!" She has been a professor of illustration for over 12 years and loves inspiring the next generation of writers and illustrators. Visit Kaz at www.WindnessBooks.com